I would have never watched "Mindhunter" if it weren't for my ex-boyfriend, the Twin (I talked about him briefly here). Like any other typical couple we were searching for something to watch together – which isn't always so easy. We scrolled our way through Netflix and then he told me about this new series "Mindhunter", which he already planned to watch anyway. So he asked me if I would be interested in watching it together. As I told you, I'm not really a fan of true crime stories, because those images follow me through my life, through my dreams – they sometimes really haunt me. And this series is all about serial killers. Meaning there is a lot of potential horrific stories and images that could follow me around... But, what sold me on the idea of watching this series was the name.

Let me explain: "Mindhunter" is about two FBI agents who go and visit convicted murderers in jail and interview them. Through the interviews they want to find a pattern. A pattern of thinking. They want to see if all those killers have something in common. And by connecting the insights the got from the killers, they want to know how they can possibly prevent any killings in the future, or how to spot potential killers.

Now that you know what the series is all about, you see why the name "Mindhunter" itself is brilliant. To this day, I can't tell you how much I love the fact, that they named this series like that. It's just pure perfection for me. And mostly because of this perfectly fitting name, I agreed to watch this series I would have never watched otherwise.


Although a lot of stories and images are truly hunting (at least for someone who never read and watched anything regarding those crimes at all) I still have to say it's one of my favorite series. Of course the topic of the series is nothing positiv whatsoever, but the whole series is just perfectly made. The actors are really really good. I love Jonathan Groff as Holden Ford (one of the FBI agents), he embodies his character so good. The agent who wants to take a risk, who is kind of excited to meet some of the most infamous serial killers of his time, who thinks outside of the box and who isn't so keen on following the protocol at all times. And you see the dynamic in himself, torn between fascination, revulsion, excitement, anxiety and also being haunted by what he learns through those interviews. Next to Jonathan Groff all the other actors are also amazing. The casting for the serial killers is spot on. It sometimes feels like as if you're watching a documentary.

I also really like the "feeling" of the series, the atmosphere. The colours aren't bright, everything is toned down, it feels cold – it's just perfectly staged for the topic.


Besides how the series is produced and the cast, it's very interesting to hear what's going on in the minds of killers. Everyone wants to know what went wrong, how someone "suddenly" becomes a murderer. Those are questions everyone in society – at least at some point – wants to get answered. And for this aspect alone "Mindhunter" is very interesting to watch.


It took about 2 years before season 2 aired. And although this topic isn't something I ever though I would like to watch, but I was very eager to watch season 2, I was excited and wanted to learn more about the psyche or mind of killers in general. 

Season 1 was truly brilliant – it was just perfect the way it was. Season 2 was on one hand the same but on the other hand totally different. After watching season 2 or maybe it was while I was watching season 2, I saw an interview with Jonathan Groff, and he told the interviewer that it was planned from the beginning, that season 2 would be different – fair enough. Of course I can imagine that as creator you always want to do something new instead of staying on the path. So I can understand the need and wish to do it a little bit different the next time around. But as a viewer I wished season 2 would have had more of the "flair" season 1 had. Whereas in season 1 the agents visit a lot of different murderers, season 2 focused a lot (not only, but kind of too much) on a – to this day – unsolved case of murdered (black) children/adolescents – known as the Atlanta murders. 


Nonetheless if you are interested in any of those topics, "Mindhunter" is worth watching and I hope there will be a season 3. 

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