O.J.: Made in America

Like I told you, I was – and still am – really obsessed with the whole O.J. Simpson murder trial and it's outcome. Even after reading the 3 books (Without a Doubt, The Run of His Life and In Contempt) and researching my desire to learn more about this was still not satisfied. Which is why I was very excited about the announcement of the documentary  "O.J.: Made in America". 


As I didn't grew up really knowing who O.J. Simpson was and what big of an impact he had on society, it was the best thing ever to watch this documentary. Like any good documentary it stated at the beginning, meaning how and where O.J. Simpson came from, who his parents were, and and everything about his upbringing. In the course of the documentary you follow O.J. Simpson's life journey. Of course you come across the murder trial and but you also learn about everything that happened afterwards. While watching I – for the first time – realized why this murder trial was known as "the trial of the century", why it was such a (media-)spectacle and what deep impact this whole trial had on society. From the beginning, the trial was never really about the two victims – Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman – it was about so much more. It was about stardom, race, injustice, the culture and society back then. It showed everything that went wrong in then's society.

For the first time I understood why this trial was such a big deal, why it was blown out of proportion and why the outcome was what it was. I finally got the full picture.


So if you are looking for something to get the best general informations and the best overall picture: this is your way to go. Although I highly recommend reading the books (linked above), and also watching the series "American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson", you get the best well-rounded picture from watching "O.J.: Made in America". 

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