In Contempt

Christopher Darden's book "In Contempt" was the third – and for now last – book I read in regards to the O.J. Simpson trial. It was next to Marcia Clark's "Without a Doubt" the second book I wanted to get my hands on as soon as possible. But it was one of the books that needed the most time to be reprinted. I already gave up my hopes to ever read it. Because it took forever. Every couple of weeks I searched the internet to find a reprint. And suddenly my time had come. Of course I bought the book immediately.


I wanted to read "In Contempt" so desperately, because Christopher Darden had an extraordinary role in this "trial of the century". He was part of the prosecution team, next to Marcia Clark. What's so special about that, is the fact, that he is also black. So Christopher Darden was viewed as a traitor in the black community. Even more so after the defense team of O.J. Simpson introduced the theory, that the LAPD wanted to frame Simpson because he was black and they were racists.

Some said, Christopher Darden was only on the prosecution team because he was black, some said he betrayed his community. There was no one who hasn't had an opinion on him. So he, too, was constantly part of ridicule and shame.


Both he and Marcia Clark had to withstand the public opinions, just because they were doing their job. And no one seemed to focus on the real tragedy of it all: the murder of those two innocent people. Because of all the injustice both of them wrote books, to finally tell their stories. And that's why I wanted to read those book more then any other book revolving around this case.

It was definitely very interesting to read the whole story form Christopher Darden's point of few. So this book is also a true recommendation. If I had to rank the tree books I read my favorite would be Marcia Clark's "Without a Doubt", followed by Christopher Darden's "In Contempt" and in third place Jeffrey Toobin's "The Run of His Life". But, again, it depends on what you are looking for in this books. Depending on what you're interested in the most, you most likely would put them in another order.


There's still one book I own – but haven't read it yet – regarding the Simpson case. And that's the controversial "(If) I did it" by O.J. Simpson himself. For a long time I wasn't sure if I should buy and read it, because it is controversial. There are a couple of sources claiming Simpson didn't write this book, and others say he did (with the help of a ghostwriter). But in the end, I chose to buy it, because I'm so obsessed with this whole topic and I wanted to add this "perspective" to the overall picture. As soon as I've read the book, I'll let you know my thoughts on it.



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