The Run of His Life

The series "American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson" is based on the book "The Run of His Life: The People vs. O.J. Simpson" by Jeffrey Toobin. To meet my needs to get more informations about this murder case, I thought it best to read the book that was the foundation for this series.

Another aspect made this book interesting to me. During the trial Robert Shapiro, one of Simpsons lawyers, gave an interview to a journalist. This interview was a turning point in the whole trial. It was the first time, that race became an issue. Robert Shapiro suggested, that O.J. Simpson was framed by the police because he was black. After this the trial changed.

And the journalist who interviewed Robert Shapiro was none other than Jeffrey Toobin. So he also played a certain role in this whole story.


But you can't forget, that he was only a journalist. All the informations he got were not so much and as deep as those Marcia Clark had. Which is why Marcia Clark's book is – at least in my opinion – more "trustworthy". Or at least it's a firsthand experience she is writing about. Because she "lived" this experience, whereas Jeffrey Toobin was just an onlooker.


If you want a general overview over the topic, then "The Run of His Life" is the book you should read. Here you get an overall picture of the whole story. Whereas in Marcia Clark's "Without a Doubt", you get more of her side of the story. So it also depends on what you want. Do you want outsider experience with general informations or do you want more. 

Nonetheless "The Run of His Life" is a good book. Maybe it's best to read it first and delve into the subject with Marcia Clark's book "Without a Doubt".

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