Without a doubt

The first book related to the O.J. Simpson case I read was "Without a Doubt" by Marcia Clark. It's the one I wanted to read the most. And here's why: Marcia Clark was the prosecutor in this infamous Simpson case. During the trial she got slammed, shamed and was ridiculed. Nowadays it's difficult to imagine, but 26 years ago the respect for women was unfortunately different, a lot has changed since (but there's still enough change that should happen).

The way Marcia Clark was treated during "the trial of the century" was another aspect of this whole "Simpson story" that intrigued me. Or let's say this aspect was another one that sparked my interest while watching the series "American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson". It's really unbelievable and very unfair. So I wanted to read her side of the story. Because in the end, she was living this nightmare, this whole story was her real life. And so she is one of the only people who really knows what went down.


When the series "American Crime Story: The people vs. O.J. Simpson" aired, the interest in this story sparked like a wild fire, and the publishing houses of those who wrote a book about the murder trial weren't quick enough to publish reprints. So most of the books available were old and used – and I don't like to buy used ones. After some weeks of researching in the hopes to finally find a newer version, I suddenly saw, that "Without a Doubt" was available as e-book. Like I don't want to buy used books, I also don't like to buy e-books, because I like to hold a book in my hands. But I was desperate, I NEEDED to learn more about this story as soon as possible. So I bought the e-book version. 


The book was everything I hoped it would be. It gave her opinion on the trial, the murder case, the public perception and personal insights as to how she felt and what was going on in her life behind the curtains. The behind the scenes stuff is the best, that's the most interesting to me. It adds so much more depth to the whole story. So this book totally gave me the wanted extra informations and insights.


I think it was a year after I read the e-book, that I saw "Without a Doubt" was now available as a hardcopy. Since I loved the book so much and since I'm someone who likes to "own" certain things, I also bought the hardcopy. Because a book is forever, and who knows, how technology is progressing and if I have forever access to the e-book.

But this should give you an idea how good the book is, because buying the same book twice says it all.



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