Furious Love

It doesn't happen often, that I love book so much, that I want to read it more than once. But with "Furious Love" by Sam Kashner and Nancy Schoenberger this was the case. I read the book back in 2014, and I'm still thinking of how much I loved it, and that I want to read it again.


"Furious Love" is all about the relationship of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

As they weren't the stars of my generation, I didn't really know much of them. I knew that Elizabeth Taylor existed, but I didn't knew any details of her life. And regarding Richard Burton, I didn't even know anything about him.

That being said, I didn't know what to expect from this book. Now, some of you might ask why I even bought this book, if I didn't care much for any of those two. The answer is simple. I was drawn to it by – you guessed it – the title. As I love love, I'm always interested in everything "love".

I honestly can‘t remember how I stumbled upon this book, but when I read the title and the subtitle "... and the marriage of a century" (in the german version – which I read it says – the love story of a century, which was even more appealing to me) I wanted to know more. A book about a couple, their love and relationship is just what I always like to read about. And I'm so glad I bought the book.

Immediately after reading the first pages I was hooked, I needed to know more and more and more... I have the tendency to get obsessed with something very quickly. And as I read the book, I started doing what I always do when I get obsessed with a topic: I google and research the hell out of it. Also typical for me, the more I researched the more obsessed I got with Elizabeth Taylor and her love story or should I say stories.


For all of you who don't know anything about Elizabeth Taylor or let's say her love life, I don't want to get into detail, because I don't want to take anything away from you or spoiler anything. But let me tell you this, if you're in believer in love, if you ever thought about getting back with your ex, because deep down you are sure he truly is the one – then this book is the one you want to read. As I'm writing this, I'm getting excited once more and want to read the book asap. 


And here's another recommendation: the perfect addition to "Furious Love" is the movie "Liz & Dick" with Lindsay Lohan. I have to say, in the beginning I wasn't sure if Lindsay Lohen was the best choice to portray the glorious Elizabeth Taylor, but nevertheless I really liked the movie. But maybe mostly because of the topic, the story itself. Nothing against Lindsay Lohan and her acting, but Elizabeth Taylor was larger than life, it's very difficult to do her justice. However, like I said, I highly recommend watching the movie – I enjoyed every minute of it.


* Back in the day, while I was researching Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton, I stumbled across this quote "A Love Too Big to Last" – which I was also immediately obsessed with. This quote has stayed with me since then. I just love it. It's such a powerful quote.


The quote is actually the title of a Vanity Fair article about the book "Furious Love" – which you can read here.



** Click here to see my Pinterest pinboard with many pictures of Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton.

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