Vanderpump Rules

I already mentioned this TV series in my blog post about Stassi Schroeder's book "Next Level Basic". And let me tell you if you haven't heard about Vanderpump Rules and have never watched an episode, PLEASE do so right now! This show is one of my favorites ever!


What's it about: It's about a group of friends, all working at the same Restaurant called "Sur". The restaurant owner is Lisa Vanderpump – hence the name. Lisa Vanderpump is known in the Reality TV world for her participation in "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills". And Vanderpump Rules was introduced as a spin-off of the Housewives Franchise (click here to read more about it).


Here's what makes this TV series so interesting and a MUST-Watch: If you wouldn't know better, you would guess it's fake – but life itself does "write" the best stories. Why would someone guess it's fake? Because the relationships – doesn't matter if regarding love or friendships – play out like in the most scripted soap operas. Everyone kind of dated everyone – and they are all still friends. It seems like all those mixed hook-ups keep them even closer.


As of now there are 8 seasons – season 8 is currently airing. In the current season everyone is kind of settling down, but don't think things are getting boring. Not with this group of friends! There's always drama surrounding them.

If you start watching the seasons from start to finish you will see the cast getting older and growing up, but like I said don't think this means there's less drama. It seems like it's in their DNA, they always find some things to gossip about, drink too much or feuding with one another. 


My favorite cast member is – obviously – Stassi Schroeder! Which is also why I had to read her book! If you start watching Vanderpump Rules, you'll hear one of Stassi's most famous quotes "I am the devil, and don't you forget it!", you might be wondering, why and how she's my favorite, because she seems to be the mean girl – but believe me, as the seasons progress you will see why. And I have to say I'm a sucker for everything regarding her (current) relationship – it's simply the best. But I don't want to say anything more, for everyone who wants to get the full Vanderpump Rules experience without any spoilers.


If you are like me, you will start googling the cast as soon as finishing the first episode and try to find out everything you can about the cast members – so let me help you with this – in the following I link you the Instagram handles of the cast:


Lisa Vanderpump @lisavanderpump

Stassi Schroeder @stassischroeder

Beau Clark @thegoodthebadthebogie

Lala Kent @lalakent

Ariana Madix @ariana252525

Tom Sandoval @tomsandoval1

Tom Schwartz @twschwa

Katie Maloney @musickillskate

Brittany Cartwright @brittany

Jax Taylor @mrjaxtaylor

Kristen Doute @kristendoute

Scheana @scheana

James Kennedy @itsjameskennedy

Raquel Leviss @raquelleviss 



Another recommendation at this point – you might like to listen to the podcasts of some of the cast members:

* Stassi's "Straight Up with Stassi"

* Scheana's "Scheananigans"

* Lala's "Give them Lala ... with Rendall"



Have fun watching this outstanding group of friends – and let me know who your favorite is!



* click here to see my Pinterest pinboard for Vanderpump Rules

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